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NPCs and PCs needed for Isles : Purgatory Sation June 24-26th

You are invited to join the opening season of the Second Campaign in the setting of THE ISLES.

A month has passed since the first wave of new citizens arrived from the Empire of Hardestaan in the frontier-town of Purgatory Station. An uneasy balance and truce has been struck between the new townsfolk, the native inhabitants, and the alien Galeesh. Now the festival of Vestalia looms. This is a chance for the townspeople to improve their standing in the eyes of the local community, but what deeper meaning lurks beneath the seemingly innocent festival rites? How are the spirits of the Court of the Sun involved? Will the festival bring them closer to the locals, or drive a spike through their attempts at diplomacy? Join us in The Isles: Purgatory Station.

We are seeking PCs and NPC’s June 24th-June 26th
at Ye Olde Commons in Charlton, Mass.

Monster camp is there are hot (well in summer nice cold!)showers in the tavern

We participate in the Accelerant CP Exchange. Come and PC and NPC with us,
and you can earn credit for your character in many other Accelerant
Games, such as Seven Virtues, Valhalla, Lost Eidolons, Madrigal, EndGame, Isles, Aralis, and
Mirror Mirror. If there are new games that aren't listed here in the Accelerant system..please let me know.

If interested, please contact us thru the links below :

Isles Contact E-mails :

Event Registrations : Use the Pre-Reg form in the other thread in this forum. Send it to :

NPC Registration :

Character Information :

Contact the GM :

Contact Plot :

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