Thastygliax (thastygliax) wrote in bostongamers,

GenCon swag for trade

I attended my first GenCon earlier this month, and unsurprisingly, came home with a lot of swag. Some of it's stuff that I'm never going to have a use for, but one of you other gamers out there might:

  • Tinker, Spacer, Psion, Spy: The Twilight Sector Companion, for Traveller (Terra/Sol Games)
  • Claws of Pelazin, a 1st-3rd level Pathfinder adventure (Silver Crescent Publishing)
  • Rift, a fantasy adventure PC game (Trion)
  • Two demo decks for Magic: The Gathering (one blue, one white)
  • True Dungeon tokens (13)

I'm hoping to trade these items for other gaming material, such as RPG books (I mostly play D&D 3.5 and BESM, but I'm interested in several other systems), D&D minis, Cthulhu Mythos toys or games, or LEGO minifigures (yes, I consider those "gaming material"!).

If interested, reply or message me with an offer.
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