Dokĉjo KINNE (kinnerc) wrote in bostongamers,
Dokĉjo KINNE

Tomorrow in Boston's South Station!

Like chess? Interested in playing? Want a chance to play against the Best of the Best?

Here is your chance!

The Boylston Chess Club Presents

The Simul in South Station

Featuring 3-time US Chess Champion
Grandmaster Larry Christiansen
20 Simultaneous Players

When: Thursday, October 20th, 5PM
Where: South Station, Boston (on the Red Line)

The games will take place right under the Train Schedule!

Admission: FREE to watch; FREE to play
(Contact to sign up)

Alternates and Extra Seats will be available the day of the event!

Prizes for anyone who can beat Grandmaster Christiansen!

Please come and help us make this a special event.

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