The Vortex of Chaos (vortexofchaos) wrote in bostongamers,
The Vortex of Chaos

Getting closer to Across the Sea of Stars this summer

TNT has talked it over, and we're willing to run Across the Sea of Stars this summer. You know - the sprawling ten hour, 25 player Tale-Telling Universe-spanning science fiction LARP that rocked Intercons F and I.

We can't do it alone, though. Specifically, we need a big open space to run it in. Who can we talk to about the Levin Ballroom at Usdan? Are there any other possibilities that won't cost us even more money than we're already going to have to spend to bring this game to you? Who is the person who can find us the space we need?

As usual, there's a bit more over on my journal. I'd appreciate it you'd put your comments over there, for sanity's sake.

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