Thastygliax (thastygliax) wrote in bostongamers,

Player seeking game

I'm looking for a game to join. I've been playing RPGs for 30 years, and GMed on and off for most of that time. I'm already running one game, though, so I'm looking for an opportunity to gets my kicks as a player.

Sundays are best for me, but I can also do weeknights (Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday, currently). I live in Dorchester near Mattapan, but I'm able and willing to travel as far as Somerville, Dedham, or Braintree.

The RPGs I know best are D&D, GURPS, BESM, and Cinematic Unisystem, but I'm willing to give many other systems a try, too. I usually prefer fantasy, and have played quite a bit of horror (though I'm a little burnt out on it at the moment). I'll play occasional SF games if they grab me enough, but I'm not really into supers or cyberpunk.

If your group has an opening, please let me know!

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