crazycongirl (crazycongirl) wrote in bostongamers,

TotalCon 28 is just days away!

Break those winter blues with gaming, entertainment, friends and fun! You deserve it.
One week left to pre-register on-line. 10 days until the dice start rolling at TotalCon 28

More than HUNDREDS of gaming event choices featuring role-playing, board games, miniatures, young player, and video gaming. More than a powerhouse of talented Industry Guests. More than a vendor hall featuring some of the best game stores from the New England region....

There will be exhibitors showcasing new games.
There will be charity events.
There will be new live entertainment (Dorks in Dungeons & Matthew Ebel will join RKO Army)
There will be panels on game design, game mastering, women in gaming, editing, proto-type game reviews and more.
There will be championships.
There will be prizes.
There will be gaming themed drinks in the bar (dare to try a Smaug's Breath?)
There will be tales of glory, fame, and battles won and lost.

And it's all for you to enjoy. Be There.

TotalCon 28, co-sponsored by The Game Salute and Eagle & Gryphon Games, will be held February 20-23, 2014 at the Holiday Inn at 31 Hampshire St. in Mansfield, MA exit 7a off Rte. 95(MA). Free parking.
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